A celebrity who had made his name in the television industry was at his favorite nightclub one evening, when he spotted a young girl on the dance floor. She had been looking at him for most of the evening and he decided to buy her a drink. She explained that she had seen him on TV and that she loved what he did. They decided to dance together and they began to kiss. After that first dance she thanked him and started to walk away, which was new for him since he was usually the one leaving the girls behind. He shrugged his shoulders and turned around as another lovely lady approached him with a smile.

The problem was, he couldn’t get that girl out of his mind. Like most men, he likes the girls who are a bit unpredictable. He decided to make the round at the club and see if he could spot her.

Soon enough he spotted her on the dance floor, and as he watched her he was getting the hard-on of his life. The was turned away from the guy she was dancing with, allowing him to grind on her ass as they moved together. Unusually jealous, our celebrity guy stormed across the room and grabbed ‘his’ girl by the arm, pulling her into a small alcove near the dance floor. Without a word she raised her arms above her head in total submission while his hands ravaged her small body.

They decided to leave the nightclub and go back to his place and before they had even gone through the door they began kissing. There was an intense sense of passion between the couple and he began pulling off her clothes in the kitchen. He took down her dress and pulled down her pants. He quickly began licking her vagina with deep intense kisses.

Once this moment had passed she return the favor and gave him intense passionate kissing and licking all over his body. They then realized that it was extremely late and she had to go to work in the morning. She said they should meet the following night and that he should come to her house and he agreed.

The following night he made his way to her house and bought some flowers on the way. When he arrived she said that she wanted to show him to the bedroom. When he arrived at the bedroom there were candles everywhere and it was extremely romantic. They began to kiss and soon they were naked. They began making love passionately and knew that they were right for each other. They then made love for hours and explored each other’s body in the intense flame of desire that they had created. After this night of passion, they saw each other regularly and developed a strong bond. She then became his sweetheart and they haven’t looked back since. Their intense relationship continued and the love making didn’t stop.

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