The go to Bible for better sex

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Lots of the girls here at North London escorts say that the Kama Sutra is the go to Bible for better sex, but I am not sure about that. Yes, it is exciting and I am sure that lots of North London escorts benefit from reading it. However, I cannot say that there has been one book in particular which has made me better in bed. I have read quite a few books, and they have all been useful. The truth is that good sex has to do with sensuality and a touch of romance, and I am not sure that you can learn that in any book.


Also, I enjoy watching porn movies, and like many other North London escorts, I think this can help. Good quality porn movies can give you some idea of fun things that you can do together with your partner in bed. The truth is that a lot of people are reluctant to buy porn movies. Some of my dates here at North London escorts of watch porn on line. I keep telling them that the porn they see on line is rubbish and really bad quality. Online porn is not that great and personally I find it kind of off putting.


Of course, there are many other ways of exploring your sexuality. Learning how to massage is a good idea. Before I joined cheap North London escorts, I trained to be a masseuse and that has helped a lot. Many of my favorite dates here at North London escorts like to pop by for a massage, and I think that proves the point. We like to be touched and sensual touch is a very important part of the entire erotic experience for many people. I am sure that a lot of couples would enjoy things like couple’s massage, and should perhaps consider a course.


Sex toys is another way of having more fun in bed. Lots of the girls here at cheap North London escorts are really into sex toys and I enjoy them as well. Of course, all North London escorts know you have to be careful when using sex toys and make sure the sex toy you use is for you. I am sure that most people know that but it is worth mentioning. If, you are a couple and thinking about getting into sex toys, you should perhaps sop together to discover what you both like. There is a lot of choice.


Finally, you need to feel sexy in your mind. Some of the guys I meet here at cheap North London escorts like to share their fantasies with me, and I think that is nice. There is no point in being shy really, but you have to get over that first of all. At the end of the day we all have sexual and other fantasies, and it can be fun exploring them. I like to explore people’s sexual fantasies and I think that on many occasions, exploring your fantasies, can be just as much as reading and getting your knowledge from a book.

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