Remembering high school love

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A few days later, he accepted your invitation, and you spoke briefly to pursue the good times and thirty years that had passed, Newbury Escorts of says. You tell yourself that talking to a lost old friend is nothing wrong, he has a girlfriend and he marries you and you, even though your marriage is having a difficult time, love your wife, Newbury Escorts says. You talk several more times to talk about your work, children and friends with you. Everything is really innocent, but there is no pressure inside, and when and where it rises to the surface. He lives in another country, but visits his sister, who lives in his city several times a year, Newbury Escorts says. The next time you meet online, ask if you can call him, and he will immediately send him a number. You call and there is a voice from the past, your heart loses a few blows, you try to talk and nothing comes out of your mouth or brain, Newbury Escorts says. Suddenly the lights on your head explode and you realize that you have missed this woman for thirty years and all kinds of confusing feelings fill your heart, Newbury Escorts says. You close your eyes for a moment and start talking as you saw yesterday when you held it two hours ago. It’s been months and you talk almost every day and talk from time to time, Newbury Escorts says. Nothing has changed, you are still married and he has delayed his marriage. Don’t talk about love or sex or something, just to look for a soul who is looking for comfort, for something that has long been lost, Newbury Escorts says. It’s easy to talk to him, to feel good, feel safe, happy and enjoy time, to meet and open his heart for him. Christmas is coming and you will receive the cellphone number that you will use in your city, Newbury Escorts says. He doesn’t ask you to call or meet, he just sends a number and it’s up to you to decide what will happen. A few days before Christmas, call and arrange a meeting at the nearest mall. A cup of coffee, a hug, a personal check-up, everything goes through your mind as long as the seconds hurt and waiting for the planned time, Newbury Escorts says. You sit on a bench when you see him coming, he’s beautiful, he’s not a girl anymore, and he’s a complete woman. You fight it and let you dive without a word in its soft, soft black tears. For a moment you return to another place and age, your heart swells with long, soothing feelings and tears into your eyes, Newbury Escorts says. Instead of drinking coffee and chatting, you decide to get out with your car, walk calmly, slowly go to the parking lot and pick it up. You both start at the same time, nothing makes sense, and you say everything and everything in your mind. Suddenly you laugh and he says, “I waited for you to kiss me again for thirty years.” Carefully take your face, look back at his beautiful eyes and kiss gently, slowly and perfectly, Newbury Escorts says. This world is right again, you feel where you must be. The severity of life disappears before you, life is good,

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