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Sex is important factor in life, but so is companionship and I think that we often forget about that. Lots of people today live on their own, and this is part of the reason we see so many gents here at London escorts. I would say that the majority of the gents that I meet at London escorts have been married and are now divorced. All of a sudden they realise that marriage was not only about sex, it was about companionship as well. This is just one of the reasons they end up dating London a escorts.

Dating London escorts is not going to replace a permanent relationship in your life, but it may help you to feel less lonely. Going out on dates with London escorts is an excellent way of socializing and I think that a marriage is a very “sociable” constitution if you like. We meet our friends with our partners and hang out at the golf club or where else we decide to socialise with our partners. Once the relationship is over, this is a part of life that we often loose and forget about until we start to feel lonely. Then it comes back and bites us in the bum if you know what I mean.

Is sex a big part of marriage? I think it can be an important part of marriage, but it is not the most important part of a marriage. When I speak to my gents at London escorts, they are often keen to tell me that they used to do this and that. Now when hey feel like doing “ this and that” they call London escorts instead. Going out with a gent who is fresh out of a relationship, often means dining out and perhaps seeing a show. This is what they used to do with their partners, and now they are doing it with London escorts.

They may have arranged a stay in a London hotel after the show, and this is where the sex part comes in. Yes, the sex may not have been that great after you have been together for 30 years, but the sociable experience was great. I would have to say that a lot of the gents that I meet at London escorts, have forgotten to take the rough with the smooth so to speak. If they were looking for a better sex life with their partners to complete their relationship, perhaps they should have learned to talk about it.

In many ways, I think that the gents that I meet every day through our London escorts service, are very lonely. I would say that the majority of them have got bored in their relationships, and just wanted out or worse find themselves having affairs or booking cheap prostitutes. The only problem is that they have not asked themselves why they became bored. Now they are looking for something to do, and realise all of a sudden, that the relationship that they lost is not that easy to replace. Dating a London escort a couple of times per week, will never replace a long term relationship or family. It may patch things up, but it will not be the same thing.

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