Bad Things that Can Happen in the Morning

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The other day before I left home to go work at Brompton escorts, everything seemed to go wrong. It started as soon as the alarm went. I have one of these old fashioned alarms clocks which makes a lot of noise. A lot of people do use their phones these days but it does not really work for me I am afraid. I always just go back to sleep and do not wake up properly at all. Anyway, this morning my alarm clock hit the floor and broke into a million pieces.

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Having made a mental note of buying myself a new alarm clock, I struggled into the kitchen. There is no way that I can go to work without having had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. One of my dates at Brompton escorts know that I love coffee so he bought me one of those fancy Nespresso machines. Well, for some reason, when I plugged it in this morning, it would not come on. I gave it a bash as that normally work, and a cloud of smoke came out of it. Apparently it is time for a new one.

After that I thought it was going to be plain sailing for the next hour. Having made myself a cup of instant coffee, I jumped into the shower and turned on the water. To my dismay, no water would come out of the shower head. Only having one bathroom, I had not other option to have a bath instead. A bath is okay, but does not make me really refreshed for Brompton escorts. At least it was not a total disaster and I decided to just go with the flow of my terrible morning.

When I finally finished and was ready to go to Brompton escorts, I realized that I could not find my oyster card anywhere. It was not like me at all. After about panicking for about five minutes, I just knew that I had left it at my boudoir. One of my dates had driven me home last night and I could just see the card sitting there in the apartment. It was just one of those mornings and I smiled at myself. Things do go wrong and they normally happens in three’s.

When I finally got into Brompton escorts. I found a posh bag hang on my door. I don’t know how he got into the building, but one of my favorite dates had left me a bag of chocolates. It made me laugh allowed. It was just what I needed this morning and I knew I had to indulge in a couple before my first date. After my third chocolate, I felt much better. All I needed now was a new coffee maker, alarm clock and my shower fixed. Calling my plumber, I was sure that I was on the right track and went back to eating the chocolates. Perhaps they were lucky chocolates and would make everything that was going on in my life right again.

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